Her big dark eyes melted my heart! She sat on the cement floor at the animal shelter wagging her little tail. I had been wanting to get a puppy for some time. When I saw this little malti-poo, I knew she had to be ours. Little did I know there were about 8 other families that felt the same way!! Our name was entered into a drawing. Before our name was even pulled out, I was confident we would be taking her home. As you can imagine, the girls were overcome with joy!! They have felt for quiet some time that they were the only children in the world without a dog. Belle was 12 weeks old when she was found wondering the streets. I wish I knew how she ended up alone at such a young age. She is about 4 months old now and 6 pounds. She has three cream spots on her back and cream ears. She is just a fluffy little teddy bear. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how much work it is to have a puppy. Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Emma is ready to be potty trained and Belle is taking precedence at the moment. At least I can keep a diaper on Emma. Wow, I hope it gets easier! At this point I have questioned why anyone would want a dog! :( Even worse then that, on April fools day John called me at a friends and said that Belle ran out the front door and he couldn't find her anywhere. I was ashamed of my thoughts. An evil cackle rang through my mind. Oh, what a shame!! I can't believe I'm even admitting this. John was just joking by the way! We have made progress. We were practically doing cartwheels the first time she went out her doggy door and did a little poppy all on her own!! Belle is incredibly attached to me. She goes everywhere I go. Waits outside the bathroom door while I shower. Wines and barks if I leave the room and she can't come with me. Annoying!! :) Before we got her as I was trying to talk John into letting us get a dog I said, "it would be so sweet to have a little dog following me around all day". Ha Ha!! Be careful what you wish for!! I have to admit that she is starting to work her way into my heart. When she curls up on my lap at the end of the day it is pretty sweet. So welcome to the Thompson family our little Belle! Any dog advice, send it our way!!