Veterans Day!

Here we are at Arlington National Cemetery to celebrate Veterans Day! We attended the United States Coast Guard wreath laying ceremony to honor veterans past and present. It is always touching to be in the presence of so many great men that have fought for our country.

The Coast Guard is referred to as the "Keepers of the Sea." I am so proud that John is a part of such a wonderful organization that serves our country faithfully. What a wonderful time of year to honor so many that have given there lives and continue to give there lives for our freedom.

John and I love our country and are so proud to be Americans. Today it was so cold and cloudy. As I took a minute to look around at all the graves, in the stillness was a kind of reverence that I believe these fallen men and women deserve. It was a privilege to be in Arlington national Cemetery. Ellie loves to see her Dad in uniform. He looks so handsome!


Fall Leaves

We sure had a fun day exploring in Washington DC. We came across this beautiful place. The girls ran and played in the leaves! There was also a little playground. It was a bit chilly!

Dad and Paige! She is definantly a daddy's girl!

We were trying desperatly to get Paige to smile in this picture. We didn't get a smile, but we captured her classic pouty look. She looks beautiful anyway!



Happy Halloween!

Halloween has come and gone! We sure had a lot of fun. I made my caramel apples and boy were they a hit! We all had fun carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. The highlights for the girls were trick or treating and eating lots of candy, candy, candy!!!
Ellie loved being a 50's girl. She loved to twirl around in her poodle skirt. Mom even let her put on a little make-up for the occasion. She was in heaven!

Paige was our little lion! She can do the best roar and made sure to show everyone around her. It didn't take her long to learn how to say trick or treat! She couldn't believe when she said it people gave her candy.

Daddy's girls!