There was a Little Girl...

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very, very good,
And when she was bad,
She was horrid!

When John took this picture of Emma, the girls said, "her hair is just like the little girl in that nursery rhyme!" They have this cute book full of nursery rhymes and this was one of them. This rhyme surely does describe the terrible two's, but I have to say that my little Emma is truly a sweetheart, most of the time!! :) She is full of hugs and kisses and says the funniest things. She wants to be so big just like her sisters.

We just completed potty training! With her big girl panties on, as she calls them, makes her little tush too cute in her skinny jeans! It feels like they will never grow up and then in a blink of an eye they do. I made up a song for Emma on the piano and she often asks me to play her song. She sits by me and during certain parts of the song she reaches up for a hug and a kiss. It's moments like that when being a "Mommy" is truly rewarding! Love you Emma


Beach Bums!!

I couldn't believe that when I was up visiting my Mom over Easter John sent me this picture of the girls. I was literally looking out the window at snow falling. It was unusually cold at the end of April, even for Rexburg!! I was bundling up for the icy winds and then I receive a text like this. My girls think that this is normal life for most people, heading to the beach almost year round. We're pretty lucky!! I missed my little munchkins. They love to be with their Dad though. Always a party. It's pretty sad when I hear Paige say, "Mom why don't you stay home and relax and we will go out with Dad!" Good old Mom! Always getting in the way of a good time. :)

Daddy Daughter Date!

John and Ellie went to a Galaxy game over the weekend. From what I hear they had a pretty fun time. Her Uncle Jim even bought her some cotton candy! John wanted me to add that Beckham scored one of his signature free kicks. John is so good about spending time with the girls! Ellie has really grown a love for soccer over the past two years. John has really enjoyed coaching as well. Ellie just finished her spring league! Go Kicking Clovers!!

LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls

For a graduation gift, John was given some money in which he purchased some really nice seats at the Galaxy game. We were able to sit right on the field with the rest of the Galaxy snobs. This was to be an iconic game as David Beckham was to play against Thierry Henry, two world class players! It was really fun to see John so giddy! We were able to wait in the tunnel and cheer for each of John's favorite players as they started their descent to the field.
We were the nerdiest fans taking pictures and yelling out their names. When Beckham walked by I yelled, "Yea Beckham!" He looked over at us like "who are these crazy people!!" I was pretty excited he at least turned his precious head to see his adorning fans. Most the guys just keep walking. I honestly don't care for the guy ! Although, I must admit I've seen him "bend it," and it's pretty awesome! We had so much fun. When they scored the first goal, John lifted me off the ground as he celebrated. I was mortified at his enthusiasm like it was the winning goal of the World Cup!! :)
Don't ask what Donovan is doing in this last picture. :) I would hate to have people taking pictures of me all the time. Poor millionaire!


More Galaxy....

An almost awesome picuture!
Me and Landon Donovan. :)
David Beckham and Thierry Hernry