Frying Pan Park

My friend Sarah is an amazing photographer. She took a million pictures of my kids at a place called Frying Pan Park. It is actually more like a farm. It is such a beautiful place and the kids love going there. I will really miss places like that when we move. We love going in the spring because all the baby animals. Anyway, she was taking some pictures for a class she was taking, and sent me these two of Ellie. I thought they were awesome. I love her style! The one of Paige is from our camera as you can tell, but I thought it was really cute in front of this red barn. I am still waiting to see the rest of the pictures and I know there will be some amazing ones. Thanks Sarah! If anyone is interested in seeing some of her photography check it out! http://www.sarahjanehoward.blogspot.com/


Sweetie Pie # 3

These pictures are so amazing! I can't believe how much I love her already! Yes, I said her! We are having girl #3! So much for my intuition!! We were very surprised to hear it was a girl, but we are very excited. I was gearing up for trucks and Gi -Joes and for what life would be like with a boy, and now I don't have to change a thing. More dolls, dresses, and the color pink are on the way.
John has come to terms that he will definitely be coaching girls soccer, and as far as a surfing buddy, Ellie has gently declined the offer to learn how to surf. You should see her little face as I can see her imaging that deep water and big waves. She told her dad she will play soccer but wants a pink soccer ball and surfing just isn't her thing. Paige on the other hand might be the first Thompson pro surfer. That girl has no fear!
Waving hi to everyone! The baby looks healthy and is growing bigger everyday, and so is her mother!! We can't imagine what this next one will look like. Ellie looks so much like John and Paige is a carbon copy of me. Aaaaaa the suspense!!