Mormon Dodger Night 2012

Go Dodgers Go!!!  Bummer, another loss.  I really feel that my presence is bad luck.  Fortunately, the night was filled with a lot of neat experiences and we were surrounded by family and friends.  John was honored as Veteran of the Game.   He looked so handsome on the big screen and I was so proud of him!!  It was a really neat opportunity for our family.  The girls loved the attention, and thanks to Grandma Thompson they were all decked out in Dodger gear!  We were able to meet President Uchtdorf!  I'm sure the girls did not understand how special of a person that they were able to shake hands with, but I know one day they will.   We were also able to meet Alex boye` who I've been able to see perform a few times over the last couple of years.   It was so great seeing so many people that we  know and love.  What a fun night to remember!!


Rock Around The Clock

 I'm thinking to myself as I'm taking these pictures, "this can't possibly be my baby girl looking so grown up."  Elle was completely embarrassed to be outside for this photo shoot regardless of the fact that she was thrilled to be going to a 50's dance with her main man!!  Oh my!!  You know your children are growing up when suddenly everything becomes embarrassing!  Our Stake put on this dance for all the Activity Day Girls and their Dads.  Dinner and dancing!!  Who could ask for more.  I must say that I'm a tad jealous! ♥ 

On their way!!


Beach Heart


Grandma and Grandpa took us where???

Not every little girl gets to go shooting with their grandparents.  It was the girls first shooting lesson and I was shocked at how confident and brave the girls were.  Janet bought the girls BB gun, targets, eye and ear protection so they could practice shooting.   Emma wandered around with her ear protection eating fruit snacks and fishies, but her grandma made sure she had a few lessons before the day was out.  It was a really fun day, minus the bathroom bucket.  Not my cup of tea!!   The Presidents Day shooting club included Bill, Janet, Jim, Joe, Jeff, Steve(Jackie's hubby) The Thompson fam, and our great friend Jason Jones.


Grandma and Emma

Don't I look so natural holding that gun.  Oh my goodness!  The anxiety I felt as I anticipated each shot was horrible.  It kicked into my shoulder so hard I wanted to cry after every shot.  With a big smile I kept looking back at John, "having a blast baby"!  John wanted me to learn how to shoot his 12 gauge shotgun in case I ever needed to use it.  What??  I'm trying to picture myself getting down the gun if I heard a noise. Funny but not so funny to think about.   John also wanted me to try shooting at clay pigeons.  The gun was so heavy but  I just kept shooting and shooting until I could hardly hold the gun up a second longer.  John and his brothers were cheering me on, so I gave it one last try!!    I swear my eyes were closed, I aimed and the pigeon exploded.  You can imagine my relief, and pride, because you know it was all skill.  Ha Ha!! :)

Love this picture!

 Ellie and Paige each took a turn shooting a 22 rifle and the 45 handgun. Look at my little babies!


 We had a really fun Valentines Day!  The girls love every holiday, and the minute it's over they start preparing for the next.  We made these cute Valentines for Paige's class and they were a hit!  
Of course we had our heart shaped pancakes, made the girls their heart shaped Peanut Butter and jelly.  I snuck in a few heart shaped Dove chocolates that I know would be a welcome surprise in their lunch.   Paige always reminds me that there is no candy allowed at school but did not hesitate to eat it.  I couldn't find my camera and the kids were running late for school so no pics of our crazy morning.
 These are the girls Valentine mailbox's.  They began feverishly filling these up with cards and love notes to each other the minute I got them out.  The first two weeks of Februrary we are buried alive in glue, crayons, papers, markers, scissors, stickers that are strewn across the house.   
Sample of love notes!!


Valentine Photoshoot!!

My friend Sarah Hull took these darling pictures of my girls!
Happy Valentines Day!! 


A Heart Overflowing

Tonight Paige asked me if I will be with her in heaven!  I took a deep breath, but before I could answer, Paige began to sing, Families Can Be Together Forever.  "That's right Paige,  we will be together forever."  I told her that if I died first that I would be waiting for her in heaven.  With hesitation, I then said that if she died before me, then again, before I could answer she said, "Then Papa would be with me." She seemed very content with that idea!  She then asked if Papa has a workshop in heaven and if she would be able to work in it with him.  I assured her that I believe he did have a workshop and is working very hard.  That is by far one of the fondest memories my girls have of him.  Working in his shop, sawing, sanding, and creating beautiful things, usually for Nana!  She then asked if she could have a dog in heaven.  My poor children!  We got a puppy last spring and she turned out to be very, "special."  Needless to say we didn't have her very long.  Now they think they have to wait until they are in heaven to have one!!  Oh my, we just might have to fix that before long.  I told Paige that all the wonderful things that she wants she will have in heaven.  She then skipped down the hall and with a twirl of her dress, shouted, "Heaven is going to be wonderful!!"