Christmas Morning!

John and I were so excited to see the girls faces Christmas morning. Unbelievably spoiled. We all had such a beautiful Christmas. I didn't have the energy to put on all the pictures, but I have to say that John was even more excited then the girls when he got his new fish surf board! Talk about Mrs. Clause coming through!! Goodbye Christmas 2009!
Ellie on her new beach cruiser. The basket was the perfect finishing touch. She didn't look this happy when she tried to ride it for the first time. She just learned to ride without training wheels, but apparently this bike is a lot heavier. Hang in there Elle, you will get it down in no time!! Paige dropped her blanket and ran to her bike. It is honestly one of the cutest tricycles I have ever seen. She loved it and knew Santa had come through! Girlie's sporting their Christmas PJ's at Grandma and Grandpa Woods house. We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner with them and enjoyed a gift exchange together. I just realized Emma is not in any of these pictures. She did get a few little things from Santa, but mostly enjoyed crinkling the wrapping paper. John and I have a philosophy that if our kids don't really know whats going on then they kinda get the shaft, in the nicest way possible of course! Does that sound terrible. On Halloween when Emma isn't dressed in a costume I get the vibe from some parents, child abuse. The lovely thing is She doesn't have a clue and we didn't waste our money on a cheesy costume that will fall apart anyway. OK, I have no idea why I went off on that!!
This year Santa got Oreo cookies and eggnog! The reindeer's loved their carrots and brown sugar as you can see. Checking to see if Santa ate his goodies is almost as exciting as opening presents for our kids. Looks like he came!!


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning John and the girls let me sleep in. The grandest gift of all. They woke me up and surprised me with a delicious keish with fresh orange slices. It was seriously delicious! After breakfast we walked on the pier and enjoyed the gorgeous California weather. What a beautiful day!



Mimi and thumb, what would we do without you. Paige, I had to post this picture of you so we would never forget it. Santa brought Paige a mini blanket of her exact Mimi that she could bring with her places and it fits in my purse perfectly. She was pretty excited about the idea!

Life is good!

My little fashion diva all worn out after an afternoon of play! Gotta love the drool on the arm. Sleep tight sweet Paige!!



I know everyone thinks their own kids are pretty cute, but come on! Sometimes they really do take my breath away!
Ellie informed John and I that Santa's eyebrows were a different color then his beard. She concluded that this was definitely not Santa and that his beard was also fake. For a true believer she sure is getting critical. I love that we still have the magic in the air. We will keep it there as long as we can!! This little hope skip and a jump says it all. She is literally leaping into Santa's arms. Paige would have walked right out the door with this guy. She told Ellie that he certainly was real but by the end of the night she was telling everyone that he was not the really real Santa just one of his helpers. Oh, the influence of an older sister!
I think Santa had to finally lift her down. She wasn't going anywhere!!
Emma thought she was a movie star. I'm not so sure if it was Santa that she loved or all the cameras and people smiling at her. She was smiling and waiving her hands at everyone. The fact that she was sitting on a strange mans lap with a huge white beard didn't even faze her!!


The Son of God

I bought this picture before John and I were married. Maybe it means more to me now that I have held my own sweet babies in my arms. How she must have loved that precious baby boy. He came to this world not to be forgotten, but that we may be forgiven. How much I love my Savior. May we all remember him this Christmas!



Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends!!
Ellie has been in charge of our "give thanks" chart. She makes sure each day we take the card out of the slot and write what we are thankful for. The girls really have a lot of fun and it is really nice to take a few minutes each day and think of how blessed we really are. It is so ironic to me how quickly our mindset changes going from Thanksgiving to Christmas. As we remember the true meaning of Christmas this is not a problem, but I know for me as well as many of us we start thinking of all the things we need to buy and all the things we desperately want to buy. Or if only I had this or that to decorate with I would be so happy. I really want to remember all that I have and be happy. I am truly grateful and I believe the challenge much of the time is just being content with what we have. I'm the first one to raise my hand for being guilty of this. May we all be more grateful for what we have and carry that with us always!!


I found these pictures on our camera and had to laugh! There is never a dull moment during daddy daughter time!! I refrain from moments like these, possibly because I think with the end result in mind, that I will have to clean up. Or in the dishwasher picture, change Emmas pjs because she will be soaking wet, or fall, or break the dishwasher. All good reasons why she has never made it this far while I was doing the dishes. But don't these kids look happy. I'm glad John and I have each other to create some balance! "Have fun kids while it lasts", Mom says with a wicked cackle!!!!



Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We've got candy coming out of our ears!! Whats a girl that's addicted to chocolate to do?? Here is a picture of Ellie and Paige with two of their best friends. I don't know about anyone else, fun as it is, I'm glad it's over!!


Happy Birthday

This post is dedicated to my dear sister Jamie! Where has the time gone?? When I look at my own daughters playing, it often reminds me of the sweet memories I have of my own sisters! Thank Heaven for sisters! I love you Jamie!!


Shelling Peas!

Look at my three sweethearts helping mom shell peas. They loved it and ate as many as they shelled. There is something about popping in your mouth a fresh pea straight out of the shell!

Nana and Papas Yard!

I wanted to make sure and take pictures of my mom's yard so that we can always remember all the fun times we had there. They got a new swing set/play equipment for the grand kids this summer and boy was it a hit. They found it at a garage sale. Alain took it apart, painted it, reinforced the entire thing and it looks brand new. Alain is pretty amazing, but we already knew that!! :) I remember pushing Paige on that little blue swing that is between the trees on the right when she was a baby. That tree is so beautiful and goes up right by my parents bedroom window. In the spring my mom can always see baby birds in their nest and when the birds fly away she has seen baby squirrels enjoying the nest as well. In the fall the leaves change the most beautiful colors and begin to fall. We can't forget winter. There is something enchanting about the way a heavy snow sits on the branches of a tree. How still the world can seem after a fresh fallen snow. How fun to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a good read only to roll over and see the winter resting on the branches outside. Thank-you old tree for all the joy you have brought us! I wish I would have to taken a picture of the top of my moms porch. She has it decorated so cute and has the most beautiful flowers. What fun a garden can bring. My girls love spending time in the garden with there Nana and Papa. Weeding, pulling up carrots and picking peas. There is something about brushing the dirt off a carrot and eating it straight out of the ground. We would pick bowls full of strawberries and raspberries and enjoy the most scrumptious summer milkshakes!
We can't forget the old hammock. What a fun way to rest your weary bones and look at the dark stormy sky. I loved having a few minutes to myself to breath in the fresh air.


Going for rides on the scooter are definantly a highlight for the girls. My mom and Alain bought these when they first moved to Idaho. It was funny when I first pictured them scooting around town. I'm sure my Mom has to be careful or the college guys might mistake her for a younger woman. Love ya Mom!!
Nice goggles John!!
I had to put in this last picture of Paige. She is often obsessed with being some kind of animal. She was a dog as she waited for her turn on the scooter!!


Beach Bliss!!

I love this picture of John and Emma looking out over the pier. It reminded me of the other morning when I went for a jog down by the beach. It was overcast and a little foggy. The air was cool, just the way I like it. The sounds of the waves crashing down as I ran was really soothing. At the same time it's interesting how at times looking out at the ocean and hearing the waves pound on the beach can bring with it a kind of lonely feeling. I think I have a fear of being alone and lost at sea. Creepy! Anyway, the fog horn was sounding way out in the ocean. When I first moved here it would drive me a little crazy, but now I have learned to love it. It relaxes me!! I decided to jog down to the end of the pier. I took the time to observe the things around me. There was a reunion of a group of people that touched my heart. I love to see people embracing, laughing and smiling. One of my favorite things is when I'm sitting in the airport and get to watch people reunite as they get off the airplane. As I looked to the right of the pier I saw two little blond twins standing on the sand as their parents were trying desperately to get them in the right position for the photographer. It was pretty sweet. The smell of fish in the air was not so pleasant as I watched the local fishers bait their smelly hooks! Then I looked out to my left and scanned the dozens of surfers gently floating on their boards as they waited for the "wave of the day!" It made me want to paddle out with John and share in something that brings him so much joy! It also reminded me of John who got up early with the kids that morning and put off surfing so I could sleep in . Then he said I could go for my run and he would go surfing later. I truly loved and appreciated him at that moment as I was watching all these people out enjoying the beautiful salty morning air. I had no doubt he was at home having a crazy morning with the kids. I'm so glad I was able to get out and have some time to think and enjoy the things around me. It was a beautiful morning, and I was grateful to have it.


Lombardi Ranch

Well, another fun filled time at Lombardi Ranch. Look at those smiling faces! Ok, it was 97 degress! Not ideal weather conditions, but we made the best of it!!
Emma had her first pony ride and loved it! She just made the cut off and was probably the youngest cowgirl around. Oh, the life of a 3 year old. Pure delight!! Ellie loves horses so she was excited to go on her ride. She 's starting to look a little big for the pony ride. You can tell by her expression! Pretty cute!!
A carmel apple and all is well. Jackie, Steve and Clair came with us. I wish Clair was in this picture she is so darling. I tried to talk them into laying her in all the pumpkins like we did with Ellie when she was a month old. It was such a cute picture. Steve wasn't to thrilled about the idea!!:) I have to say despite all my complaints the kids had fun!
Paige and daddy dancing to a little country western!
Classic Lombardi ranch picture! Two of my loves! Ellie had to wear her cowgirl boots since ranch was in the name. I think there may be a little cowgirl in her blood. Good thing Nana and Papa live in Idaho. I love the Roxy hat/cowgirl combo. Best of both worlds, I'm telling ya!


Happy Birthday!

I love this picture!! Emma was about 1 minute old!! Look at those cheeks. She could not have looked any more beautiful to me. I realize you can see my sexy leg in the background. Don't get too excited!! One year later and counting! Emma would not touch her cake. We were all standing around staring at her and she just looked up at me like "What is going on?" She eventually realized she liked the taste, but was a little too proper as she ate her birthday cake.
Uncle Jeff and Emma! It's fun that Emma can share her birthday with one of her favorite Uncles!
Grandma and Grandpa got her this doll that sits in a little carrier. We strapped it on her back and laughed as she crawled around. It wasn't long before she protested!
We are so grateful that Emma is a part of our life. She has brought so much joy to our little family. Happy Birthday Emma!