Girls New Hair!!

The girls got their hair cut and I absolutely love how it turned out. I know you can't see the back, but it is stacked up real high on Paige's and looks the same on Ellie, but not so short. I actually think I might want to go a little shorter on Ellie. It looks so much healthier. Cute as buttons!! Aren't these dresses to die for. I have one for Emma that is all red with little white flowers on the top and bottom! This years goal is to get a family picture and these outfits just might be the winners! I want to tie in black. Emma has a big black headband and the girls have black bows. I need some input on what John and I should wear. I'm kinda thinking of John and I going a little bit more casual and just have the girls in dresses. Any opinions out there?? It's going to be outdoor!! :)