U.S.A ! U.S.A ! U.S.A !

This is John here and I just wanted to remind everyone to tune in tomorrow, June, 12 to watch the United States soccer team make World Cup history as they face our old enemies and current allies, England. Angie and I have only had T.V for a total of one month in our entire eight years of marriage. That one month was in 2006 when we got it hooked up just for the World Cup. Angie knows how important this is for me so we decided to do it again. Even if you do not like soccer for what ever reasons, watching this game may change your mind. It is going to be a tough and exciting match but I believe we have what it takes to come out on top. We have the advantage because we have less pressure then the England team to win this game. My prediction is U.S.A 2 England 1. I'll end this post with our only chant (lame I know): U.S.A ! U.S.A ! U.S.A !