A Surfing Tradition

Every December 26th John, his brothers and their Dad go surfing for his birthday. It's a tradition they have been carrying on for years. It was a beautiful sunny cold Ventura winter day. Here are some great pictures that John's brother Jim took of their trip. Enjoy!!
Here is John and Jeff preparing to freeze. While Bill laughs.
John and Jeff walking to the point.
John on a fun wave.
John finishing this one off nicely.
Jeff on another fun wave.

Here is Jeff finishing this wave off even nicer.

John with a cutback.



Christmas has come and gone. For John and I the anticipation of seeing our girls faces on Christmas morning is worth more then anything we could ever get one another. Our girls slept in until 8:30. We thought they would never wake up. I told John there is no way I was letting him wake them up. They eventually woke up and realized it was Christmas morning. Paige was extremely disappointed that Santa was not there. We kept saying that Santa was coming and she took us literally!
They had wonderful time opening presents and seeing what Santa had left them. Before we knew it all the wrapping paper was lying still on the ground, the girls had begun playing with their new treasures and it was over! It has always been a rather strange feeling for me each year as I gaze at our darkened tree days after Christmas is over. It is a lonely and sad sort of feeling, but then I begin to think about the previous year and what it has brought to our lives. It is a great feeling to know that another year is about to begin that will be full of challenges and triumphs. I love to recommit myself to things that are important to me. We feel truly blessed that we are safe and happy and were able to remember and teach our children about the birth of our Savior. We hope everyone the best this upcoming year.

Emma's Blessing Day!


This was our girls first trip to Disneyland! The girls thought they had died and gone to Heaven!! They each got a pin to wear that said it was their first visit. Girls and Dumbo on Dad! Did I just say that!!
Girls and Dad on Dumbo!

The girls sitting in the boat just as we were about to go into It's a Small World. Ellie and Paige were so giddy they could hardly sit still! I have to say one thing about Emma. We got her out of the car seat for two rides, and a diaper change. The rest of the day she was in her car seat. She did not make a peep the entire day. What an angel!

Okay, now meeting some of their favorite princesses they thought was just about the most awesome thing ever! Elle just kept looking at me like, Mom is this really happening! Girls with Cinderella
Girls with Mulan
Girls with Alice
Ellie and Paige waiting for the Christmas Parade to start!
During the parade so many of the characters were coming up to Ellie and Paige sitting on the curb. No doubt because they were so cute!! Anyway, Ariel and Prince Eric came over and were talking to them. Paige kept pointing to her pin that tells everyone it was their first visit to Disneyland. Eric kissed paige's hand and she thought that was pretty cool!
We were so cold and tired and were looking for somewhere to eat dinner. We ended up eating at Cafe Orleans. It was right outside the exit of Pirates. We were the last people to put our name on the waiting list as they were closing early for Fantasmic. Sadly you had to have reservations to eat inside. Well, I went up to the manager and had a little talk, and a few minutes later we were comfy and cosy inside the restaurant. They brought some warm water for the Emma's bottle and we had a wonderful and expensive dinner. :) Another bonus was that if you were eating at their restaurant you could stay on their balcony and watch Fantasmic! It was awesome. We really had a wonderful day!