Refugio Beach 2011

What a fun tradition we are blessed to have each year!  It's a blessing that at times I feel I am enduring, but for the sake of my sweet family I endure with a smile on my face.  This year was record breaking as we stayed the entire week.  We again created unforgettable memories good and bad, :) and enjoyed spending the short time together we had as a family.

Aunt Lauren spent a great deal of time french braiding all the girls hair!!  It was so fun to see all the girl cousions together.(-Claire- not sure where she was)  It seems that we are only able to see the Larsens once a year.  Not fair for family to be so spread apart.    I got the girls each a little Lanturn that turned out to be quiet a hit.  They actually turned out to be very useful.  I love this picture of Dad and Paige.

After we lost Alain earlier this year I was devistated that I did not have more pictures with him.  I told John how important it was for him to treasure the time he has with his parents.  I'm so glad I got this picture of John with his Dad.  I know he will be so greatful to have it one day.Za
Zane and Emma

Pedicures "camping style"

Janet truly amazes me sometimes.  This is the last thing I would ever attempt while camping.  Water had to be boiled, buckets filled, feet washed, and silly girls to be supervised.  None the less, Janet had this wonderful idea and the girls went crazy for it!

Can I just say how lucky we all are to have Lauren!    We are so happy that Jeff brought her into our lives.  Her energy amazes me as well.  She sat and taught all the girls how to make friendship bracelets, braided their hair, and here you see her painting and decorating the girls nails.  It's no wonder they all love and adore her!!
I have to hand it to Jenny for letting Maeve just go wild with the nail polish!  I have a feeling if it was one of my little ones, I would have intervened and stopped this creative and independent moment. 
Sand and wet nail polish!  Wonderful combination!

Beach Pictures

 Janet and Bill hired a photographer to take family pictures at Refugio this year.  These are just a few shots of the girls with our camera.  The professional pictures I have yet to see, but I know they will be gorgeous!  All of us trying to shower in the lovely beach showers, do hair and makeup in the tent, and keep the kids from getting dirty for even an hour was quiet comical.  With all said and done,  I believe it was a success!!  Not an easy one.