Refugio Beach 2011

What a fun tradition we are blessed to have each year!  It's a blessing that at times I feel I am enduring, but for the sake of my sweet family I endure with a smile on my face.  This year was record breaking as we stayed the entire week.  We again created unforgettable memories good and bad, :) and enjoyed spending the short time together we had as a family.

Aunt Lauren spent a great deal of time french braiding all the girls hair!!  It was so fun to see all the girl cousions together.(-Claire- not sure where she was)  It seems that we are only able to see the Larsens once a year.  Not fair for family to be so spread apart.    I got the girls each a little Lanturn that turned out to be quiet a hit.  They actually turned out to be very useful.  I love this picture of Dad and Paige.

After we lost Alain earlier this year I was devistated that I did not have more pictures with him.  I told John how important it was for him to treasure the time he has with his parents.  I'm so glad I got this picture of John with his Dad.  I know he will be so greatful to have it one day.Za
Zane and Emma


Denise Stears said...

Man I miss Refugio! I am glad to see the Thompson family still keeping the tradition.

Michelle and Judson said...

Yay, I'm so glad to finally see some pictures, it looks like it was especially fun this year, cute photos of the girls at the end (the ones in black and white). Sure miss you, hope the girls are recovering.