Reagan- A good friend to have!!!!

During Ellie's spring break, I took the day off and Angie and I took the kids to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. Steve, Jackie, and cousin Clair were able to meet us there. Our trip to the Reagan Library and the Mormon battalion visitors center in San Diego(more pics to come) were a few highlights during the break. We are fortunate to have children that seem to love history and going to museums. I believe this started young with our girls. Having the opportunity to live in Washington D.C., we were able to visit museums almost every weekend. On the way home from the library Ellie and Paige made me ask them questions about Ronald Reagan. I asked Ellie what war President Reagan helped end and what did he tear down. Ellie answered, "The Russian War and the wall". Then Paige wanted a question so I asked her to tell me President Reagan's favorite food. She replied "jelly beans!!!". She remembered that on Air Force One there were Jelly Bellies all over the plane. One thing that really stood out to me about Ronald Reagan was his never ending patriotism. He was always positive about America and truly felt that God blessed our country. The library was a great experience for our girls and I'm so glad they were able to learn about one of our countries greatest presidents.
The girls in front of Air Force One. It was amazing that we got Emma to stay in one place!
Girls with cousin Claire!
A piece of the Berlin Wall.
The girls on the West German side of the Berlin Wall. A frightened Paige on the East German side. Its hard to be happy as a communist!!



Last night as I layed in my bed I thought about life. Of all the sweet pictures I have to post of our family on our recent adventures. I thought a lot about the reality of life. Why do we saturate it with so many things that are not real and meaningless? I pondered on the last two weeks of the Thompson family reality. Being overcome with sickness my exercise deprived body lay sprawled on the couch. Tissues thrown here and there. Dishes and clothes saying, "wash me!!!" Toys burying me alive, and bored kids! Worst of all bored kids!
In our weakest moments we thank our Father above for what we have. For me at that moment it was my health. I was so grateful to be a healthy person, and that this temporary condition just helped me appreciate that once again.. With antibiotics I feel like I am starting my upward climb and unfortunately John has been slowly descending. As we got ready for bed last night, both extremely tired from the days activities and filled with the nightly dose of cough syrup w/codeine, we began getting ready for bed. I was hoping that if disaster struck at least one of us would be able to wake up! I was getting a drink of water in the kitchen and I heard John locking the garage door. I wasn't sure if I was hearing right, but it sounded like John was doing laundry. Even as a non tired, non sick person, changing the laundry is one of Johns least favorite things I ask him to do. "Why did you do that I asked?" He said that he had heard me mention earlier that I needed to remember to do it so Ellie's clothes would be dry in the morning. OK, many of you might be thinking, what is the big deal! Let me tell you, REALITY. The fact that it is those small selfless acts that shape our lives, and more importantly our marriages. Marriage is hard. Marriage with kids is harder! We can be pulled in every direction with things that take us away from reality. Tonight my reality was wonderful. A silly selfless act helped me to remember what it is all about. I wrote this today because I am thankful!! Thankful for John and our three little stinkers. Remembering that what we have is sacred and we need to fight to keep it. He was rewarded!! :)