* 7 *

The day started out with Ellie seeing her birthday balloon that was tied to the end of her bed. The girls love getting their balloon! It seems to float around our house for about a week before it starts loosing its helium and begins to slowly fall to the ground. A little reminder that the magic of birthdays come and go so quickly. I made Ellie pancakes and all the girls were thrilled that I let them drench them in syrup for the occasion. I always do the girls initial and some hearts and they think I'm the coolest!!

I threw a bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter cups in her lunch and she thought that was just about the greatest. After school she said, " Mom we're not allowed to have candy at school! So I asked her if she ate them and she said, "of course I did." I guess she wasn't that worried!

Ellie wanted to go to Taco Surf for her birthday, which was no surprise! It was delicious as always!! We then opened some of Ellie's gifts. It was a fun day! Ellie and Paige modeling her new Cutie Cupcake Baker from Nana. It was a big hit!!

Ellie and her new Taylor Swift CD! We can't forget her new soccer bag!! Happy Birthday sweetie pie we love you!!!!!