Cherry Blossoms!

What a beautiful day we had in Washington DC! This time of year is the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. People come from all over to see these beautiful trees in full bloom. We were told they only last a few precious weeks. To see these beautiful pink flowers against the sparkling Potomac was a beautiful sight. John was able to take some really neat pictures so that we could share our day with you! We had so much fun riding out bikes along the waters edge. The girls love being in their trailer. They have their water, blankies, snacks and they're all set. Every person we passed couldn't believe how cute and snug they looked in there. Everyone kept saying, "I wish I was in there!" We also had a chance to finally go see the Jefferson memorial! Here is Ellie posing on the steps. It was so beautiful and another chance to see some more of our nations history. We are so grateful for this opportunity to live so close to so many wonderful things. Daddy and his girls!


The Thompson Family


Ellie Elizabeth

Ellie is also our little Angel! We cannot believe how fast she is growing up. What a beautiful young lady she is turning out to be. Ellie loves to be with her family. She loves her little sister Paige, and is learning to have a lot of patience. She always gives her little sister a hug and says, "oh, I love her." I think it is fun for her to always have a little friend around. She is also a little mommy. Telling Paige what she can and can't do. If she puts something in her mouth, Ellie sounds the alarm! She is my big helper.

Ellie was a ballerina for Halloween and would wear that outfit everyday if she could. She loves anything pink or princess. She loves to play dress up and changes her outfits to fit her moods which is several times a day! :)

Ellie is now in Primary and enjoying every minute of it. She loves to sing the songs and learn new things. She just gave the prayer for the first time in font of everybody and did such a great job. We love you Ellie!!

Paige Jaclyn

We thought it would be fun to show some pictures of the girls over this past year. Here is our darling Paige! We can't believe how much she has grown up over this past year. What a beautiful little girl!
Paige is very silly and loves to be the center of attention. She thinks she is much older then the one year she has to her credit. She tries to play with Ellie's doll house and tea set. She wants to color and cut things just like her big sister. She also loves to play dress up. She puts on necklaces and will leave them on all day. Ellie and her have a lot of fun together. I treasure their sweet giggles as they run around.

Paige loves her Da-ye(Daddy). Whenever she is sick and not feeling good it is her Dad she wants to comfort her. John works nights and sleeps in the morning. Paige knows he is in the bedroom and will go lean on the door and keep saying Da-ye.

She is always so happy. What a beautiful little spirit she has been blessed with. We love you Paige!