Cherry Blossoms!

What a beautiful day we had in Washington DC! This time of year is the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. People come from all over to see these beautiful trees in full bloom. We were told they only last a few precious weeks. To see these beautiful pink flowers against the sparkling Potomac was a beautiful sight. John was able to take some really neat pictures so that we could share our day with you! We had so much fun riding out bikes along the waters edge. The girls love being in their trailer. They have their water, blankies, snacks and they're all set. Every person we passed couldn't believe how cute and snug they looked in there. Everyone kept saying, "I wish I was in there!" We also had a chance to finally go see the Jefferson memorial! Here is Ellie posing on the steps. It was so beautiful and another chance to see some more of our nations history. We are so grateful for this opportunity to live so close to so many wonderful things. Daddy and his girls!


jamietonks said...

I can't believe how adorable your family is. We went out today and it was beautiful! I wish we could be closer! Give the girls squeezes for me.

Erin and James said...

Hi I saw your blog on Jamies and couldn't resist! how gorgeous are your little girls! I love it! I can't believe you all have kids. It's funny thinking how we used to all hang out and know each other when we ourselves were kids! Congrats and I hope the family is doing well!