Today we went fishing at Burk Lake Park! Ellie had so much fun. Paige was a nightmare, but what can you expect when you take a one year old fishing. She was into everything. Especially Dads tackle box. Those shiny hooks and slimy worms were irresistible. Paige kept wanting a turn holding the pole, but Ellie was sure that Paige would drop it in the water. She was probably right.
I think Ellie loved reeling it in more then anything. I don't think she left it in the water long enough for the fish to bite, even if they wanted. :) She told us that the fish must be dead. Needless to say we didn't have much luck! Here is John sporting Ellie's Barbie fishing pole. Yes, he does have a pole of his own, but spent most of his time helping Ellie. John is really excited about his new little hobby. If he wants to get serious he just might have to leave mom and the girls at home! He sure loved watching how excited Ellie was to go on her first fishing trip. That was worth all the chaos!
Here is darling Paige. She would not keep that hat on. It was sure fun for her to look out at the water and see all the geese swimming around. One of the geese got a little to close for comfort and started flapping it's wings. I'm sure this was in protest that she was not sharing her PB&J. She cried for a minute and then was off to the next adventure. Thanks for taking us fishing Dad!!


Sheila said...

How fun! Fishing does sound like a nightmare with a 1-year-old though! I can totally relate!
I'm glad you guys are doing so well! The girls are all grown up! We miss you!

Dad Risser said...

John, I love the manly fishing gear. It's so you!!