Mormon Dodger Night 2012

Go Dodgers Go!!!  Bummer, another loss.  I really feel that my presence is bad luck.  Fortunately, the night was filled with a lot of neat experiences and we were surrounded by family and friends.  John was honored as Veteran of the Game.   He looked so handsome on the big screen and I was so proud of him!!  It was a really neat opportunity for our family.  The girls loved the attention, and thanks to Grandma Thompson they were all decked out in Dodger gear!  We were able to meet President Uchtdorf!  I'm sure the girls did not understand how special of a person that they were able to shake hands with, but I know one day they will.   We were also able to meet Alex boye` who I've been able to see perform a few times over the last couple of years.   It was so great seeing so many people that we  know and love.  What a fun night to remember!!