Well, tomorrow is December 1st. Before I get caught up in the craziness of the season, I wanted to take a few minutes to write some of my thoughts about what makes me truly happy. I feel very shallow sometimes when I think about all the things I would love to have. Or, I feel sad when I cant give the gifts that I believe people really deserve. Paige came up to John and I the other day and said, "Christmas is not just about presents, it's about loving your family and thinking of baby Jesus!" We were a little surprised to hear this perspective from Paige as she is the one frequently shouting out her Christmas list! She said that Ellie had taught her that! Wow, I guess Ellie really was listening when we tried to take advantage of those teaching moments. I can just see Ellie say, "Paige, it's not just all about the presents!" Elle is just so mature these days!!:) We hope as parents that our children are absorbing those things that we are trying to teach them that are most precious.
I love this Norman Rockwell picture. It made me think about how good it feels to be surrounded by the people that we love. I have a soft spot for homecomings and rarely leave the airport without a tear in my eye. I love to see people being reunited and it always makes me emotional. Maybe its a little strange, but it makes me happy! Nothing more happy then when it is my own family I am being reunited with. Right now I miss all my family who is spread out all over this beautiful country. I know there is nothing more important then the people that make our lives complete. That is what my family does for me. Although we are all spread apart, I feel of their love. Can you tell I'm missing you Mom. Sniff Sniff!! :) May we never lose sight of what is most important!



We had such a beautiful Thanksgiving at the Thompson's!! The weather actually plummeted down into the 40's and it was so fun. We had a blazing fire and it was so cozy!!
Just before the feast!
Ellie, Paige and I made these turkey place cards and they turned out really adorable!
I had to include this little guy because of Paige's name. Didn't she do a good job writing her name?? :):)

Give Thanks

On November 1st we get out our "Give Thanks" chart! I love thinking each day of new things that we are all thankful for. It really gives my girls the chance to think about the many blessings we have been given!!
Thanksgiving art
My Pilgrims
Our newest addition Mr. and Mrs. Indian!!


Veterans Day 2010

This year on Veterans Day we were able to go with about 80 military families to participate in a special event at Dodger Stadium. John was able to get some batting practice and personal coaching from Tommy Lasorda. He is was a former Major League baseball player and manager of the Dodgers and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997. It was pretty obvious John is not a baseball player as Mr Lasorda gave him some true advice about his batting skills. To watch the video click on the link below!! It is pretty funny. Although I should mention his first hit was 10 feet shy of the left field wall!
He was also able to throw some pitches in the Dodger bullpin and get a private tour of the Dodger clubhouse. The girls thought they were pretty special to get their very own Dodger hat and all you can eat Dodger Dogs, Cracker Jacks and more!! I had a really fun time taking all three girls to the bathroom twice, trying to manage four plates full of food and four drinks with only little hands to help. I'm sure it was quiet a scene to watch my balancing act!! :) What us mothers do behind the scenes to sacrifice for our hubbies! John did join us eventually and despite my single parent moments we had a really fun day.
Emma standing on third base!



Emma's Birthday!!

Back in September Emma had her 2nd birthday. She shared a little party with the other September birthdays in the family. Chocolate Lovers Delight cake and Janet's delicious pumpkin pie were on the menu. Yum Yum!! My baby is growing up despite all my efforts. I loved it when all my girls started to talk. Emma says the funniest things and tries so hard to be like her big sisters. It was fun to see Emma open her presents. She got a lot of cars. Those seem to be among her favorite toys. She got a few baby dolls that were adorable, but I must say that her favorite was a cute little dog that barks and walks around the room! I love you my sweet Emma!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Nana and Papa's House 2010

I know I am doing a major rewind, but I have to get in these highlights by the end of the year. We spent three wonderful weeks in the wide open spaces of Rexburg Idaho this last summer. It's sad I only get to see my best friend twice a year. I'm talking about you Mom!!! This is something we are definitely going to have to change. We filled our days with relaxation, a little stress, watched movies, picked raspberries, ran threw the sprinklers, played on the swing set, went 4 wheeling, had scooter rides, visited Bear World, went to church, shopped the county stores and so much more. It goes by fast and we have to hold onto those memories for a whole year until we can come and do it all over again!
The girls with their cousins Anna and Brooklyn before church. It's a long walk across the street!
Raspberry milkshake mustaches!! Papa loved taking the girls on little rides in the back yard. Or should I say the girls loved getting rides! :) I was thinking about what it is about going to Grandpa and Grandma' s house that is so magical. It doesn't matter what set of grandparents we are visiting, the girls seem in heaven. And why are the toys their so enchanting. I still remember the things that would keep us busy for hours in my Grandparents basement. We always knew they would be there waiting for us. Every summer my girls go to the basement, open the heavy lid on the antique toy chest and say, oh, I remember this!! Wow Ellie look at this. I love seeing their innocence and joy. We will miss you old Rexburg for yet another year. Happy winter without us!!! Phewwwwwwww The End (not really!!)

More Idaho Pics!!

Every year the swing set does not disappoint. The girls started calling the back yard, "Nana's Park!"
We took a trip to Famous Yellowstone's Bear world and it was a really cool. Here are you instructions: Keep the windows rolled up and your car moving. Have fun!! To have bears roaming right by your car is an amazing experience. The girls loved that we let them out of their seat belts. We saw a lot of neat animals but the bear is a truly magnificent animal. You just want to give it a big squeeze!! They had a little nursery with cubs and it was adorable. They were so playful and unaware of what a powerful creature that would one day become. They also had a darling petting zoo and small park with rides. It was a really fun day. Thank-you Papa and Nana for taking us!! My computer is being stubborn. I wish I could load more pictures. You will have to use your imagination on the rest!
We roasted marshmallow's in the back yard a few time. I love those cool summer evenings in Idaho. I loved lying on a blanket in the cool grass and smelling the smoke from fire. The girls were barefoot almost the whole time we were there. There is something about running free and barefoot on those long summer days.
Alain has been nominated in my book for Papa of the year. He had all the girls out in the shop working on project after project. What patience he must have had. They made Nana a bench!! A beautiful Log bench!! He made wooden swords for the girls and they started helping with the huge project of the enormous doll house pictured above. He has the Shop of all shops!! What a talent to build and create wonderful things! They loved their time with Papa!



Fall Festivities

We love our annual trip to Lombardi Ranch in Santa Clarita. We welcomed the brisk weather with open arms!!! After Lombardi we headed back to the Grandma and Grandpa's for Grandpa's famous chili and warm cornbread. It is such a fun tradition and we look forward to it every year. The girls were so sad that the pony ride was closed, but soon forgot their sorrows when they discovered the hay maze! I had to laugh at this picture of the girls holding pumpkins!! I kept telling them that every picture I took would be the last. I wasn't true to my word. The expression on Paige's face says it all. She was done!!!
Girls with cousin Claire
Gradma with kiddies!!
Enjoying the tractor ride through Scarecrow Lane!!


I love Fall for so many reasons. One of which is getting out my modest collection of fall decore. Every holiday we welcome one new decoration. It cheers up the house and the soul!!
The girls invited some friends over and we made these sweet little guys!
Our Halloween tree brought some spooky elegence to our kitchen table. Ellie decided to hang Batty upside down on the tree. What an ingenious idea!!