Happy Birthday Mom!!

My mom is truly my best friend. I want to wish her a Happy Birthday!! I had so much fun looking through so many photos of her childhood. She is so beautiful in every way, and when they were passing out moms in Heaven, I think I got pretty lucky!
This was a picture when she was a little girl in 1960 in front of her house in Bountiful Utah. My grandma always had her dressed in the cutest dresses. I love the hair in the 60's . Too cute!!
My mom will probably kill me for putting in this picture, but I couldn't resist! This was at girls camp 1971 at camp Piuta. She was about 15. It's fun to see this side of my mom acting crazy with her friends. What a cute butt!!
This was my moms sweet 16!!
Her school picture in 1972. This post is dedicated to my Mom. Thanks for being the kind of Mom that was always an example. You stayed true to what you believed no matter what crazy trials you were handed in life, and still do. You taught me how to love myself because I was a daughter of God. You taught me the things that matter most in life! Thanks for being my Mom. I love you!


Grandpa and Grandma Myers

Check out these pictures!! I am really excited about my new project to create a family history wall. Since I've been to my moms I have started gathering so many more pictures. I have a long way to go, but I know it will be awesome when I'm finished!!

Ok, was my Grandpa a hunk or what?? Can I say that?? He was a fighter pilot in WWII and ironically died in a commercial plan crash years after the war. My mom was just eight years old. I often wonder what it would have been like to have Grandpa be in our lives. Grandma is gone now as well. I love them both and have loved reading their histories and learning so much more about them.

This pictures totally reminds me of the scene in the Notebook when the guy that later becomes her fiance waits for her outside her school to ask her on a date!! Love it!


Shootin the breeze.....

Just a little float down the Snake River. Can you believe the scenery behind us! It was sooooo beautiful!!

Emma was such a trooper. I created a little cushion at the top of the raft where I could lay her down without her getting wet. She was really good considering it took us three hours!!

The girls had so much fun!! Paige even went with a few of her cousins and floated down the river on her back. It was too cute for words!! They were nuts! The water was seriously freezing! Another update from our trip coming soon. Don't hold your breath! Kiddos with their Papa!!