I thought I would write something small about what's been going on with me! I had to post at least one picture so it was not so boring. I know I'm a little bias as their mother, but you can't get them much more adorable! Well, many of you have been asking about my pregnancy and I really appreciate the concern. I am doing sooooooo much better! This one just seems so different and so much more of a challenge, but maybe I just had it way to easy with my last two. I am almost half way done, which means I still have an eternity to go, but I'm happy to at least be this far. In a few weeks we will find out if we are having a boy or girl! Although babies are born everyday, this pregnancy is no doubt another miracle in our lives and we can't wait to welcome another baby to our family!


Outside at Last!

Saturday we took the kids to the National Zoo. You have no idea how good it felt just to be outside! This cold weather is killing us. We stopped to get some ice cream cones and John took some pics of the girls. The Cherry Blossoms are almost gone now, but they sure are beautiful for the few weeks they last. Ellie was so funny in this picture! She wanted to get a flower and was trying to jump up and reach the branch. It was pretty high so when she grabbed it and pulled it down she was so excited!

The Awakening

A little while back we went to visit this famous statue in DC. It is called "The Awakening." It is a 100ft statue of a giant that is said to be struggling to free himself from the earth. The day we were there was the last day it would be in Washington DC as it has since been relocated to the new National Harbor in Fort Washington, Maryland. It was pretty amazing to see up close. I've never really seen anything like it. The girls had a lot of fun climbing all over it!
We tried to get Ellie to sit in the mouth, but it was just a little to realistic for her!