Skyline Caverns

Before we left Virginia we visited the Skyline Caverns which are located in Front Royal, Virginia in the Shenandoah Mountains! It was a little spontaneous but we were glad we did it. Luckily the girls had some warmer clothes in the car because it was freezing down there. The caverns were discovered in 1937 by a geologist by the name of Dr. Walter S. Amos. I'm sure you were all dying to know that! It was a really cool and unique trip. We topped it off by eating at a restaurant appropriately named Spelunkers Frozen Custard and Cavern Burgers. The girls obviously enjoyed their ice-cream!!


California or Bust!!!!

Well, we did it. We are now settled into our place back in sunny California! If you want to know what it was like traveling 3000 miles being 7 months pregnant, with a 4 and 2 year old, plus John( hee hee) all I can say is use your imagination!! I definitely think I deserve the mother of the year award for that trip alone! To tell you the truth our girls were practically angels considering being in the car for 9 hours at a time, and of course we have much thanks to give the portable DVD player. I must say that using public restrooms from Virgina to California was the biggest nightmare for me. Oh, I can't even think about it! Anyway, putting that aside, we were able to see some really beautiful country and some really neat places. Our camera was so dumb on the trip so we really didn't get that many great pics, but we got a lot of good footage on our video camera. I'm going to post the few pics we did get. We had a few places we went before we left Virgina that we wanted to get on here, so we hope you enjoy. Then I'll post "The Trip". You know I have really thought seriously about pushing the delete button on this entire blog thing. I know it is suppose to be fun, but I have felt this pressure in the back of my mind to get this done. So, I decided to keep plugging along and hope that all our family and friends will be patient with me. How does everyone keep up?? I would love to know your secret!!