Nana and Papa's House 2010

I know I am doing a major rewind, but I have to get in these highlights by the end of the year. We spent three wonderful weeks in the wide open spaces of Rexburg Idaho this last summer. It's sad I only get to see my best friend twice a year. I'm talking about you Mom!!! This is something we are definitely going to have to change. We filled our days with relaxation, a little stress, watched movies, picked raspberries, ran threw the sprinklers, played on the swing set, went 4 wheeling, had scooter rides, visited Bear World, went to church, shopped the county stores and so much more. It goes by fast and we have to hold onto those memories for a whole year until we can come and do it all over again!
The girls with their cousins Anna and Brooklyn before church. It's a long walk across the street!
Raspberry milkshake mustaches!! Papa loved taking the girls on little rides in the back yard. Or should I say the girls loved getting rides! :) I was thinking about what it is about going to Grandpa and Grandma' s house that is so magical. It doesn't matter what set of grandparents we are visiting, the girls seem in heaven. And why are the toys their so enchanting. I still remember the things that would keep us busy for hours in my Grandparents basement. We always knew they would be there waiting for us. Every summer my girls go to the basement, open the heavy lid on the antique toy chest and say, oh, I remember this!! Wow Ellie look at this. I love seeing their innocence and joy. We will miss you old Rexburg for yet another year. Happy winter without us!!! Phewwwwwwww The End (not really!!)

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The Parents said...

oh thank heaven for good memories.... hurry back!