Veterans Day 2010

This year on Veterans Day we were able to go with about 80 military families to participate in a special event at Dodger Stadium. John was able to get some batting practice and personal coaching from Tommy Lasorda. He is was a former Major League baseball player and manager of the Dodgers and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997. It was pretty obvious John is not a baseball player as Mr Lasorda gave him some true advice about his batting skills. To watch the video click on the link below!! It is pretty funny. Although I should mention his first hit was 10 feet shy of the left field wall!
He was also able to throw some pitches in the Dodger bullpin and get a private tour of the Dodger clubhouse. The girls thought they were pretty special to get their very own Dodger hat and all you can eat Dodger Dogs, Cracker Jacks and more!! I had a really fun time taking all three girls to the bathroom twice, trying to manage four plates full of food and four drinks with only little hands to help. I'm sure it was quiet a scene to watch my balancing act!! :) What us mothers do behind the scenes to sacrifice for our hubbies! John did join us eventually and despite my single parent moments we had a really fun day.
Emma standing on third base!


The Parents said...

Too much fun! I was laughing so hard watching John bat. What a crack-up!


The Parents said...

OK... this is mom.... I LOVE all the pictures and Oh me gosh you look so SKINNY!!!!

Michelle and Judson said...

Oh my gosh, too cute, and lil' Emma looks so cute on that third base, she's getting so big!

Robert Thompson said...

Just like the son of Thom. Nice job, very impressed.

I didn't think Tommy was going to give him the bat back.

Did the camera get cut off before John taught him how to shoot a soccer ball?

Aaron said...