Christmas has come and gone. For John and I the anticipation of seeing our girls faces on Christmas morning is worth more then anything we could ever get one another. Our girls slept in until 8:30. We thought they would never wake up. I told John there is no way I was letting him wake them up. They eventually woke up and realized it was Christmas morning. Paige was extremely disappointed that Santa was not there. We kept saying that Santa was coming and she took us literally!
They had wonderful time opening presents and seeing what Santa had left them. Before we knew it all the wrapping paper was lying still on the ground, the girls had begun playing with their new treasures and it was over! It has always been a rather strange feeling for me each year as I gaze at our darkened tree days after Christmas is over. It is a lonely and sad sort of feeling, but then I begin to think about the previous year and what it has brought to our lives. It is a great feeling to know that another year is about to begin that will be full of challenges and triumphs. I love to recommit myself to things that are important to me. We feel truly blessed that we are safe and happy and were able to remember and teach our children about the birth of our Savior. We hope everyone the best this upcoming year.

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The Parents said...

Wow... Santa was really good to the Thompson Family. My heart is there even though we are so far away. Thanks for the beautiful family and the beautiful pictures for us to enjoy! Love mOm