A Surfing Tradition

Every December 26th John, his brothers and their Dad go surfing for his birthday. It's a tradition they have been carrying on for years. It was a beautiful sunny cold Ventura winter day. Here are some great pictures that John's brother Jim took of their trip. Enjoy!!
Here is John and Jeff preparing to freeze. While Bill laughs.
John and Jeff walking to the point.
John on a fun wave.
John finishing this one off nicely.
Jeff on another fun wave.

Here is Jeff finishing this wave off even nicer.

John with a cutback.


jamie t. said...

What Studs!

gk risser said...

Jim stayed out of the water to take pictures?? I don't get it...that's weird.

Ashley said...

Ok so I think they are crazy. But I am not surprised in the least.Anyways Happy Late birthday to John. Oh and THANK you so much fro the AWESOME party I had so much fun. YOu need to make that a tradaiton.