Lombardi Ranch

Well, another fun filled time at Lombardi Ranch. Look at those smiling faces! Ok, it was 97 degress! Not ideal weather conditions, but we made the best of it!!
Emma had her first pony ride and loved it! She just made the cut off and was probably the youngest cowgirl around. Oh, the life of a 3 year old. Pure delight!! Ellie loves horses so she was excited to go on her ride. She 's starting to look a little big for the pony ride. You can tell by her expression! Pretty cute!!
A carmel apple and all is well. Jackie, Steve and Clair came with us. I wish Clair was in this picture she is so darling. I tried to talk them into laying her in all the pumpkins like we did with Ellie when she was a month old. It was such a cute picture. Steve wasn't to thrilled about the idea!!:) I have to say despite all my complaints the kids had fun!


The Parents said...

It's TRADITION!!! I love that you were able to go to another "ranch!" Your girls will love looking back at the pictures of them through the years... remember the one of Ellie sitting in front of the wagon wheel? One of my favorites!
They are all so cute, I just want to pinch their cheeks off! Love you all!

jamie t. said...

They are so sweet! and getting so big :)

Robert Thompson said...

I can smell the farm already.

Jamie said...

When did you go? Are you still in town? I am down here this weekend and would love to see you!

Jaclyn said...

we had so much fun with you! too bad we couldn't get a picture of Steve on the pyramid! maybe next time :)