Nana and Papas Yard!

I wanted to make sure and take pictures of my mom's yard so that we can always remember all the fun times we had there. They got a new swing set/play equipment for the grand kids this summer and boy was it a hit. They found it at a garage sale. Alain took it apart, painted it, reinforced the entire thing and it looks brand new. Alain is pretty amazing, but we already knew that!! :) I remember pushing Paige on that little blue swing that is between the trees on the right when she was a baby. That tree is so beautiful and goes up right by my parents bedroom window. In the spring my mom can always see baby birds in their nest and when the birds fly away she has seen baby squirrels enjoying the nest as well. In the fall the leaves change the most beautiful colors and begin to fall. We can't forget winter. There is something enchanting about the way a heavy snow sits on the branches of a tree. How still the world can seem after a fresh fallen snow. How fun to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a good read only to roll over and see the winter resting on the branches outside. Thank-you old tree for all the joy you have brought us! I wish I would have to taken a picture of the top of my moms porch. She has it decorated so cute and has the most beautiful flowers. What fun a garden can bring. My girls love spending time in the garden with there Nana and Papa. Weeding, pulling up carrots and picking peas. There is something about brushing the dirt off a carrot and eating it straight out of the ground. We would pick bowls full of strawberries and raspberries and enjoy the most scrumptious summer milkshakes!
We can't forget the old hammock. What a fun way to rest your weary bones and look at the dark stormy sky. I loved having a few minutes to myself to breath in the fresh air.

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The Parents said...

Oh my... you make me so homesick for you all. Come back.... come back! We did have the best time, even though the silly raspberries never ripened. Next summer!!