Christmas Morning!

John and I were so excited to see the girls faces Christmas morning. Unbelievably spoiled. We all had such a beautiful Christmas. I didn't have the energy to put on all the pictures, but I have to say that John was even more excited then the girls when he got his new fish surf board! Talk about Mrs. Clause coming through!! Goodbye Christmas 2009!
Ellie on her new beach cruiser. The basket was the perfect finishing touch. She didn't look this happy when she tried to ride it for the first time. She just learned to ride without training wheels, but apparently this bike is a lot heavier. Hang in there Elle, you will get it down in no time!! Paige dropped her blanket and ran to her bike. It is honestly one of the cutest tricycles I have ever seen. She loved it and knew Santa had come through! Girlie's sporting their Christmas PJ's at Grandma and Grandpa Woods house. We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner with them and enjoyed a gift exchange together. I just realized Emma is not in any of these pictures. She did get a few little things from Santa, but mostly enjoyed crinkling the wrapping paper. John and I have a philosophy that if our kids don't really know whats going on then they kinda get the shaft, in the nicest way possible of course! Does that sound terrible. On Halloween when Emma isn't dressed in a costume I get the vibe from some parents, child abuse. The lovely thing is She doesn't have a clue and we didn't waste our money on a cheesy costume that will fall apart anyway. OK, I have no idea why I went off on that!!
This year Santa got Oreo cookies and eggnog! The reindeer's loved their carrots and brown sugar as you can see. Checking to see if Santa ate his goodies is almost as exciting as opening presents for our kids. Looks like he came!!

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