Paigey Waigey is 4!!

Paige turned 4 on January 9. John gives her a good tickle and says, "stop growing up." She giggles in delight! We ask her why she wants to grow up, and she says far to eagerly, "I want to wear make-up, of course!!" Here are some pics of her opening some presents at Grandma and Grandpa T's
This is the cake Paige wants every year for her birthday. Chocolate Lovers Delight from Costco!
Paige with her birthday balloon.!!


jamie t. said...

Happy Birthday Paige! I was there when you came into this world and I can't believe that you are 4! What a big girl. Wish we were there to help you eat that glorious cake :) Love you girly :)

Amber Joy said...

she has the most precious adorable face. Tell her she's already beautiful she doesn't need makeup :)

The Parents said...

We're so excited to see you all in person! Six days and counting! (It was so fun to sing Happy Birthday to Paige on the phone and just hear her giggle when we finished!)