Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends!!
Ellie has been in charge of our "give thanks" chart. She makes sure each day we take the card out of the slot and write what we are thankful for. The girls really have a lot of fun and it is really nice to take a few minutes each day and think of how blessed we really are. It is so ironic to me how quickly our mindset changes going from Thanksgiving to Christmas. As we remember the true meaning of Christmas this is not a problem, but I know for me as well as many of us we start thinking of all the things we need to buy and all the things we desperately want to buy. Or if only I had this or that to decorate with I would be so happy. I really want to remember all that I have and be happy. I am truly grateful and I believe the challenge much of the time is just being content with what we have. I'm the first one to raise my hand for being guilty of this. May we all be more grateful for what we have and carry that with us always!!


Star 6 said...

AMEN Angie....you are just so cute....I love the Give Thanks chart. What a clever idea. And don't we just love our Pilgrims?

jamie t. said...

Hey I don't have those Pilgrims! I think I'm the only one :) I love that chart also. Where did you get it? Love you sista'

The Parents said...

Just love your pilgrims... I will post mine soon!
Counting you blessings always does the trick to snap you back into what really counts.

west's said...

Hey - can you send me your address. Kelly thought we had it but can't seem to find it anywhere. You can email me at jrshka@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch!! Love your pilgrims btw super cute!