I found these pictures on our camera and had to laugh! There is never a dull moment during daddy daughter time!! I refrain from moments like these, possibly because I think with the end result in mind, that I will have to clean up. Or in the dishwasher picture, change Emmas pjs because she will be soaking wet, or fall, or break the dishwasher. All good reasons why she has never made it this far while I was doing the dishes. But don't these kids look happy. I'm glad John and I have each other to create some balance! "Have fun kids while it lasts", Mom says with a wicked cackle!!!!


Heather said...

this is so funny Ang. I love that Ellie is just standing there watching her. HA! Happy Thanksgiving guys. We love you and miss you so much.

The Parents said...

I just starting laughing outloud and couldn't stop when I saw these pictures! John is such a kick!! You certainly do have a good balance going. Keep smiling... those kids are lucky and blessed to have you both!

Michelle and Judson said...

Oh my word, I needed that laugh, there is a reason why God sends fathers right?! Oh I miss you guys, we'll see you soon. xoxo