We had a really fun Valentines Day!  The girls love every holiday, and the minute it's over they start preparing for the next.  We made these cute Valentines for Paige's class and they were a hit!  
Of course we had our heart shaped pancakes, made the girls their heart shaped Peanut Butter and jelly.  I snuck in a few heart shaped Dove chocolates that I know would be a welcome surprise in their lunch.   Paige always reminds me that there is no candy allowed at school but did not hesitate to eat it.  I couldn't find my camera and the kids were running late for school so no pics of our crazy morning.
 These are the girls Valentine mailbox's.  They began feverishly filling these up with cards and love notes to each other the minute I got them out.  The first two weeks of Februrary we are buried alive in glue, crayons, papers, markers, scissors, stickers that are strewn across the house.   
Sample of love notes!!

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Chantal said...

Wow! Lots of fun times! Guns are scary, but way to go hitting that clay! Ok, those valentines are ADORABLE!! How did you make those??
It was fun seeing you all again! Hugs to your little cuties from Aunt Chantal!