A Heart Overflowing

Tonight Paige asked me if I will be with her in heaven!  I took a deep breath, but before I could answer, Paige began to sing, Families Can Be Together Forever.  "That's right Paige,  we will be together forever."  I told her that if I died first that I would be waiting for her in heaven.  With hesitation, I then said that if she died before me, then again, before I could answer she said, "Then Papa would be with me." She seemed very content with that idea!  She then asked if Papa has a workshop in heaven and if she would be able to work in it with him.  I assured her that I believe he did have a workshop and is working very hard.  That is by far one of the fondest memories my girls have of him.  Working in his shop, sawing, sanding, and creating beautiful things, usually for Nana!  She then asked if she could have a dog in heaven.  My poor children!  We got a puppy last spring and she turned out to be very, "special."  Needless to say we didn't have her very long.  Now they think they have to wait until they are in heaven to have one!!  Oh my, we just might have to fix that before long.  I told Paige that all the wonderful things that she wants she will have in heaven.  She then skipped down the hall and with a twirl of her dress, shouted, "Heaven is going to be wonderful!!"


jamie t. said...

That little girl just melts my heart. I sure love her!

Each Life that Touches Ours for Good said...

Oh my heart! Thank you for posting that! I hope these little kids never forget there "Papa." I still am truly amazed and his patience and willingness to do whatever he could to make them happy, and also teach them valuable lessons too. Paige is very in tune to what is important. Want to kiss her cheeks off!

Michelle and Judson said...

Oh I'm just sitting here bawling. I needed that so badly. I think your little Paigey has a special connection to her papa, I'm grateful for her testimony that families CAN be together forever. Oh how we miss our papa. What an angel your little girl is. I pray the angel I'm cookin will be just as close to heaven.