Paige is 6!!

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER of my little Paige.  She is 6 and growing more BEAUTIFUL, SWEET,  FUNNY, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE every day.  She brings so much joy into our lives. There is something very special about this little girl.  It's like a breeze of heaven each time she comes through the front door.   I'm truly honored to be her Mother!

 Paige with her birthday balloon!


Grandpa and Grandma Wood surprised Paige and met us at Islands for her birthday dinner.  She got a Roxy purse and was thrilled that the wallet she got for Christmas now had a home!!!

Paige loves when we dote on her.  John and I wrote on this paper heart, and I used a cookie cutter to cut out her PB&J to put in her lunch! She was tickled.  Happy Birthday Paige!!!

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Michelle and Judson said...

Oh how I love my Paigey! That cake looks DIVINE!! xoxo Paigey