Beach Bums!!

I couldn't believe that when I was up visiting my Mom over Easter John sent me this picture of the girls. I was literally looking out the window at snow falling. It was unusually cold at the end of April, even for Rexburg!! I was bundling up for the icy winds and then I receive a text like this. My girls think that this is normal life for most people, heading to the beach almost year round. We're pretty lucky!! I missed my little munchkins. They love to be with their Dad though. Always a party. It's pretty sad when I hear Paige say, "Mom why don't you stay home and relax and we will go out with Dad!" Good old Mom! Always getting in the way of a good time. :)


www.updatesfromdonna.blogspot.com said...

Well, sometimes it feels like dad's get all the fun, but I know you are just so thankful to have "lucky Johnny." He is an incredible dad you'll have to admit. Can't wait to see these little dolls in about five weeks? Hip Hip Hooray!

jamie t. said...

I envy you... and can't wait to see you guys!