LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls

For a graduation gift, John was given some money in which he purchased some really nice seats at the Galaxy game. We were able to sit right on the field with the rest of the Galaxy snobs. This was to be an iconic game as David Beckham was to play against Thierry Henry, two world class players! It was really fun to see John so giddy! We were able to wait in the tunnel and cheer for each of John's favorite players as they started their descent to the field.
We were the nerdiest fans taking pictures and yelling out their names. When Beckham walked by I yelled, "Yea Beckham!" He looked over at us like "who are these crazy people!!" I was pretty excited he at least turned his precious head to see his adorning fans. Most the guys just keep walking. I honestly don't care for the guy ! Although, I must admit I've seen him "bend it," and it's pretty awesome! We had so much fun. When they scored the first goal, John lifted me off the ground as he celebrated. I was mortified at his enthusiasm like it was the winning goal of the World Cup!! :)
Don't ask what Donovan is doing in this last picture. :) I would hate to have people taking pictures of me all the time. Poor millionaire!


Taryn Hannemann Harris said...

Angie!! I love your blog!! Brian is sooooo jealous right and has been since he found out what sweet seats you guys had!!! I love you guys and love your blog! It keeps us up to date since we are so far away in Costa Rica!! Love you guys!!!

www.updatesfromdonna.blogspot.com said...

Yes, what is he doing? My, my! Looks super fun and you fit right in I'm sure!