Our family will be voting YES on prop 8 in the upcoming election. We believe that marriage is sacred and should only be recognized between a man and woman. If this proposition fails, the most important people in our lives will be greatly affected, our children. We encourage everyone to vote and remember what is at stake!


gk risser said...

Good job you guys.

As a student, I am voting Yes by absentee ballot. I wish that there was more i could do.

My politics are mixed in many ways but this matter brings major threats to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the rights of natural parents to protect their small children in public schools, and the actions of the courts and other elected officials have been a slap in the face to the democratic system.

Susanna said...

But he's still voting for Obama. And not because he's black.

Mali said...

Beautiful baby!! Miss you all.


J Coastie said...

I'm not voting for Obama...i like my paycheck. haha