Fort MacArthur

Fort MacArthur was an Army post that defended the Los Angeles Harbor from 1914-1974. It was made into a museum in 1985. My girls actually love this stuff. Paige said, "I can't believe this is my very first time here!" John and I hope our love of history will rub off onto the girls. This fort was actually turned into one of many Nike bases all over the U.S. during the Cold War. They had huge missiles ready to launch if any foreign missile was seen heading to the U.S. Many of you may not have known the real reason for the these Nike bases. :)
Long underground hallways! This was a great spot for Paige to say one of her favorite sayings. "I can hear my echo!!!"
Emma and Dad by a Naval Mine. Wouldn't want to bump into one of these in open water. Gives me the creeps!
Who says only boys like big guns!!


The Parents said...

You guys are always having way too much fun! The girls are adorable and you are fun parents! Be good.

jamie t. said...

I agree, you guys do have too much fun. Great memories! I guess you guys have been playing so much and that is why I can't ever get ahold of you. Call me girl