Random Summer Pictures!

I came across this picture and it made me a little homesick. I am up in Idaho for three weeks with the girls. John could not get work off so he is at home slaving away. He told me that yesterday he surfed for six hours at Churches and then went back again today. Sleeping, eating, and surfing! Sounds like a new born baby, oh wait, that would be pooping. Tough life huh!! Well anyway, I miss him and our walks with the kids by the beach. One more week baby and we'll be home. We are having a really good time here with Nana and Papa. We went to Yellowstone's Bear World and it was really cool!! Tomorrow night is the Madison County Rodeo and we look forward to some roping, racing and cute cowboys!! You know I'm just kidding Johnny Boy!! I have lots of cute pics coming soon. We took the girls to the Natural History Museum sometime this summer. It's all becoming a blur. Ellie is posing in the rose gardens. She looks so old in this picture. My baby is growing up without my permission! :) Here is my Paige helping me make cookies before we went to Refugio. This of course reminded me of all the pictures from that trip I want to post. I hate to admit it but camping was really fun this year. Paige is always so eager to help, and of course stick her hands in the cookie dough!! I love this picture of Emma because we have one of Elle sitting on this very turtle when she was the same age. I just gave Emma a little hair cut because her mullet was getting a little out of control. Her hair seems so much straighter now. :( What have I done??? Come back curls!!!


Brent said...

I can't believe how much your kids are growing up! The last time we saw you Paige was just a wee toddler...crazy. And I feel so bad for John, he just had to go surf for six hours...tough life. You know he's totally missing you guys, once he gets out of the ocean, of course.

Sounds like you guys are doing well. Love reading the blog and the updates.

gk risser said...

Throughout the day yesterday Van kept asking to go on a car ride to see Johnny and Emma. Funny kid.

Amber said...

Your girls are so big and so adorable!