Get Away

After Christmas, I planned a little get away for John and I. It was a combination to celebrate Christmas, Johns B-day and of course his graduation from the University of Maryland!!!! I learned from this experience that it is much harder to keep secrets from John then I thought. It goes back to early childhood so I am told. He was the one snooping around the house at Christmas. Smelling, feeling and shaking all his gifts under the tree. His poor mother! :) I made reservations for the Melting Pot and we met some of our good friends Mike and Summer and Johns brother Jeff and wife Lauren. Not a short drive for them, but I hope they know their sacrifice was much appreciated. We dined for three hours, talking and enjoying our food. It was a really fun time. After we said goodbye to our friends, John knew we were off somewhere, but at least I was able to keep that a surprise! I need to just add that I had to go to extreme measures to secure two different babysitters, get the house in order, leave a million page note with detailed instructions. It was quiet exhausting. Thanks to my dear friends Rhonda and Lori who took such tender care of our girlie's.
My dad got John and I a room at the Marriott at Laguna Cliffs for a night. It was absolutely stunning and we were thrilled to have a night away. This is a picture off our Balcony. I realize it is not the most flattering picture, but had to show off the view. Well, it was wonderful and very short lived. In the morning we found a darling little French Cafe in Dana point where we ate crepes and talked at our leisure. A rare experience. Before we new it we were heading home, surprisingly anxious to get back to our girls. I am truly lucky to have my John. I love you!!

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