Emma Jane "3"

Our hearts are so full of love for you!  Emma turned 3 on September 25th.  She was well aware that it was her special day!!
 I lOVE 3!!  The things she says! The way her little mouth moves as she tries to form her words.  I love the way her tiny arms cling tightly around my neck and her legs curl up behind her when she gives me a hug.  Her innocence.  The way her fingers wrap awkwardly around a pencil as she draws a picture of me.  It looks like an alien, and of course I tell her how beautiful I am and what a good artist she is.  I love how she marches to the fridge and proudly hangs it there for all to see.  I love when she counts to 10 and beams with delight when I tell her she is the smartest girl in the world.  I love when she tells me how much she loves Jesus and wishes she could give him a hug.  I love the way she can turn her frown upside down whenever Dad is around!  I love that she really thought she was buying her baby stroller at Costco with her baggy full of binkies! (That really worked by the way)  We are so blessed to have our Emma Jane.  Happy Birthday my darling girl!!      



My Baby is 8!  Elle loved her birthday balloon!  These animals balloons are so cute because their little feet touch the floor and it looks like you are really giving them a walk!  My Mom was able to be with us because she was here for Ellie's baptism.  We went to Islands which is one of the girls favorite restaurants!!  Ellie opened her presents.  She is really into horses right now and she got a diary with a key!!!!  Nana also got her some beautiful scriptures.  Happy Birthday Ellie!  We love you 


Ellie was baptized on September 10th 2011.  This was a very special day for her.  Our bishop told us that during her baptismal interview he was amazed at her maturity.  Ellie was prepared and knew that what she was doing was very important to her Heavenly Father.  We were so lucky that my brother Brandon was able to baptize his son Josh the same day.  I'm so sad we did not take more pictures.  

Everyone special in Ellie's life was able to be there, except for one.  I kept imagining what it would be like to have Alain
(Ellie's Papa) walk through the door.  He always looked so handsome in his Sunday clothes and black cowboy boots.  It was just the first of many special moments in my children's life that we will think of Alain.  Ellie sang the song "Baptism," and our dear friend Lori played the guitar. I don't think I have ever seen anything sweeter in all my life.  She was in her beautiful white dress with a white flower in her hair.  (Where is the picture of her in that dress??)  When I think of that moment, I feel blessed to have had such a beautiful confirmation that being a mother is the most precious gift I could have been given.