Cousin Sleepover!

Don't these days seem so long ago? It's so fun that Jenny and Damon live so close that our kids can have fun memories like these. Zane and Liv came over for a night and the kids had so much fun. We put on Polar Express and said they could watch that until they fell asleep. We tried putting Paige to bed, but as you can see she would not have it! She wanted to be with her cousins so we made her a little spot and she was sweet as pie after that. They sure had a fun time!
In the morning I thought it was so cute because they all had a blanket they were snuggling with. Ellie calls her blanket B, Paige and Liv call there's Me Me. Zane made it clear that he just calls his a blanket. So we had B's, Me Me's, and blankets all over the place!

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Jaclyn said...

and you all wonder why i love my blanket so much! it obviously runs in the family