Festival of Lights!

We went to the annual Festival of Lights at the Washington DC Temple. It was cold and crowded, but we had a great time. The lights were amazing and the visitor center was beautiful as always! The trees that are decorated inside were so pretty. Paige kept pulling off the ornaments. I guess they were just to shiny to resist!
Some of these pictures didn't come out that great, but the temple and lights in the background were so pretty. John has such a love for this temple as he served his mission right here in DC. He remembers directing traffic and bringing investigators to the temple during this time of year. Unfortunately, he was never picked to be Joseph in the nativity. To bad John! We were laughing so hard as John was telling us how the missionaries would give the elder who was chosen to be Joseph a hard time because he had to put his arm around Mary, who was a sister missionary! Looks like the Missionaries in DC were getting a little crazy! :)
There is always such a neat feeling to be close to the temple!

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Kris, Andrea, Lacey, Mia, and Kannon said...

wow, I don't think your family can take a bad picture! I love seeing you guys on here!