Passing Through Nauvoo

I know this post is very out-of-date, but now school has started and my job is normal, we finally have time to make some posts on our blog. As many of you know Angie is pretty laid up right now with our third girl. She is due any time. I kept reminding her to post , but considering the serious pain she has been in, I realized that I'd better shut up. So I decided to take it upon myself to post our trip across the beautiful United States of America. Our first attraction was Nauvoo, Illinois. It was great to see the reconstructed Nauvoo temple. We were amazed at the amount of trials the saints had to endure to get to Nauvoo and build a thriving city out of a swamp only to have to be driven out once again. We stayed at a quaint hotel on main street called the "Hotel Nauvoo". It was an old mansion that they converted into a hotel. Angie and I enjoyed it because it had a lot of character.
This is Ellie in front of the Hotel Nauvoo.

The girls loved the bakery. .. Especially because the sister missionary gave them a cookie.

This is the girls in front of the original Cultural Hall.

We took a wagon ride around the grounds that the Church owns in Nauvoo. The grounds were really kept up nice and the girls thought they were on an episode of one of their favorite shows, "Little House on The Prairie".


The Nauvoo Temple


Kris, Andrea, Lacey, Mia, and Kannon said...

I would love to go there some day! what a great stop!

gk risser said...

John, what a great essay.

J & K Risser said...

What a fun trip!
Hopefully time goes by quickly for Angela. Those last few weeks of pregnancy can be awful :(
Your girls are so beautiful, we can't wait to see pictures of sweet baby girl number three!


Katie L. said...

Hi Angie! I'm so glad you are bloggers, I found your link on Michelle's blog. Blogging is so much better than emailing, can I put a link on mine? Your girls are so cute. I was thinking of you because I'm working on a blessing dress for Justin's sister, Tammy. I was showing her pictures of yours.

Mandy said...

Hello Thompsons!! We miss you guys but are happy you are enjoying life in SoCal. Hopefully we can come see you and meet baby girl #3 at Christmas. Love the pictures from your trip across America!