South Dakota

This is the last post of our trip across the United States of America. It was so interesting to see the different landscapes, architecture and culture. Our first stop was the Corn Palace in Mitchel South Dakota. The Corn Palace is a building on the middle of Main street in this tiny town that has a new mosaic on the outside and inside every year. As I was routing our trip, I noticed that Mitchel South Dakota was right in our path. I remembered that my good friend G.K's grandma stops there every summer as she drives across the country. I thought that it would be a good piece of Americana to see. I also figured that as a father, I am required to stop at random landmarks on road trips. Unfortunately for my pregnant wife, she just wanted to get across the country ASAP. We actually thought it was pretty amazing how detailed the mosaics were, although I would not go out of my way to get there. The same day we drove across the entire state of South Dakota and arrived in Rapid City. When we finally got to the top of the mountain it was about 50 degrees and almost raining. We hurried and snapped a couple shots and then, ironically, went to the cafeteria to get ice cream. The size of the carvings were phenomenal. Washington's nose was twenty five feet long! I am glad they put the father of our country George Washington on the mountain. He was an amazing man. It was incredible to see Mt. Rushmore. It is truly a symbol of America's freedom and is up there with the Statute of Liberty when it comes to national monuments. The girls became less interested in Mt. Rushmore the more they shivered, so on the way back down the mountain we found a really cool petting zoo called Old Mac Donald's. They had a great time and were even able to feed baby goats milk from a bottle. The next day as we drove through Montana and Wyoming we actually drove through snow in June. I like that picture not just because of the snow, but because it has our little blue car that carried our family safely across the country. Angie and the girls in front of the Corn Palace.
Even the light poles on Main street had corn on them.
Angie and I have a collection of classic movies and North by North West is one of them. It was directed by Alfred Hitchkock and has a famous final scene with Cary Grant climbing the face of Mt. Rushmore.
Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
The family.
Paige running out of control on top of a dangerously high ledge. Ellie doing the same.

Paige and a large harry scottish ox.



The Thompson Family wagon in front of snow in June!!


gk risser said...

The Corn palace! In beautiful downtown Mitchel, South Dakota. Isn't it amazing? So palatial. And yet, it's corn. God bless America.

JoElle said...

Hey, glad to hear that you're still alive! Two kids, a pregnancy and a road trip across the country. Bet you can't wait to do it again :)