Our big girl!

Tonight Paige got out of bed three times just to tell us she loves us! Look at that smile. How can you get angry? I told John, the next time she gets out we're taking away her blanket, spank on the tush, something? Then we see her little fingers wrap around the corner of the wall. That's it!!! I begin to act stern and with tears she says, but I just love you. Oh, melt my heart.
Well, our little Paige is three! She loved all the attention, and forget the presents, all she wanted to know was when it was time to eat the chocolate cake! At Costco we let her pick out what ever cake she wanted. She even passed up the fancy decorated cakes and went straight for the Chocolate Lovers Delight. She's a girl that knows what she wants.
Every year for the kids B-days we get them a balloon and tie it to the end of their bed when they're sleeping. When they wake up in the morning they are sooooo excited. It's just a really fun way for them to start out their special day. I thought the one John picked out this year was a little scary. I would not want to wake up in the night and see that big smiley face looking at me. Paige absolutely loved it!
Thanks to everyone for all the gifts she received!


The Parents said...

It's hard to comprehend how fast the time goes by and our little "caterpillar" Paige is now THREE. I remember the day she was born and felt so lucky and blessed to see her come into this world, & to the most wonderful parents and big sister, Ellie. Now Paige is a "big sister!"

Jamie said...

Oh, all three of your girls are adorable! You are one lucky mama! We need to get together in Cali before I move! I am having a shower in the middle of march and would love it if you could come!

The Carrino Fam said...

Such a cute Big Girl. Happy Birthday Paige. I love that balloon idea... definitely gonna try that one.