Now that Ellie is in school, Paige and Emma have become little pals! Emma no longer likes to lay on her back, so I prop her up and she is quiet content until she wiggles over.
The other day I was trying to get in a workout. You moms out there know how this is. Anything that you are trying to do, it is crucial that the kids are set up doing whatever it is that will make them happy at the moment. For Paige yesterday, it was watching The Rescuers on the portable dvd player on the couch with her "me me". I had Emma's bottle ready so at the first bit of fussyness, in it goes! Trying to keep the heart rate up while making the kids comfortable is a little tricky at times. Anyway, I guess Paige thought that it was a good idea to move Emma a little closer to the tv so she could see better. Well, needless to say I saw what was happening in slow motion, dove over the coffee table and caught Emma in mid air as she was falling head first off the couch. Talk about getting your heart rate up. Who needs aerobics? Just thought I would share a morning in the day of the Thompson family!!


The Parents said...

Thank you John for helping Angie get these pictures on your blog... Emma is soooooooooo sweet. I just melted when I saw her little smile in the last picture. Sniff..whah... we are too far apart! Keep up the good work! mOm

Mandy said...

Oh the girls are SO SO SO CUTE! We sure miss you but it looks like life is really good in California. And you don't have to deal with the snow. Give our love to the girlies and John!


This post made me laugh, because the exact same thing has happened to me. That is so funny. I'm so glad Paige has her little sis to hang out with during the day when big sis is at school. Emma has grown so much, she is a beauty! We can't wait to see you guys at the reunion.