Colorful Kid!

It was Ellie's special week at school! We were able to see her interviewed in front of her class and she also explained all about the pictures on her poster. Her teacher has a special old fashioned desk in the front of the class that the Colorful Kid gets to sit in the entire week. Their week is filled with fun surprises that makes it special just for them! We filled twenty bags with popcorn to share with the class.
Here are a few pics of Ellie at the Seal Beach Christmas Parade with her Daisy Girl Scout troop. It was really cute watching them walk in the parade! Elle thought it was pretty cool!!


The Parents said...

What a precious poster you made for Ellie's Colorful Kid of the Week! (Ellie sure has a talented mom!) I bet her teacher was way "wowed" with what a special family Ellie has.


Michelle and Judson said...

How fun, I didn't know she was a girl scout. I can't believe how big she is

Ashley said...

She marched in a parade that is so cool. your mornings sound as crazy as mine sometimes. hope to see ya soon.