Valentine Tradition!

My family grew up making Valentine boxes! Each person in the family decorates a shoe box and every day leading up to Valentines Day, the boxes are secretly filled with letters from all members of the family. Then on Valentines Day we all open our boxes and read what everyone wrote about us. It is such a fun tradition and I know my girls will always remember it as well. Thanks Mom for such a fun memory!!
On top of our special Valentine Family Home Evening, we had to watch Groundhog Day as we decorated. Every February 2nd my kids know we will have our annual Groundhog Day party. We made popcorn and ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, in heart shapes of course!!


For the last couple of years I have been really interested in vintage dolls! Having all girls, makes my obsession a little more justifiable!! Each of these dolls is a Madame Alexander doll from the 1950's-1970's. Our oldest doll Essie isn't the most lovely thing anymore, but boy is she well loved. I think I fell in love with her because her cheeks look just like all my babies did. It was funny when the girls Uncles thought the dolls name was Easy! They said, " I don't know if that is that best name for a doll." It was pretty funny! Ellie picked out that name and we assured her Uncles that is was Essie! :) One is a collectors doll, I bought brand new. The people I bought it from would probably croak if they saw that I threw away the original packaging and that my girls are dragging them around by their legs. Hey, a doll is meant to be loved!
This is both the girls doll Macy. Their Grandma T sewed her this beautiful dress. What an amazing talent she has!! She is a 1950 Madame Alexander doll and one of the cutest ones I've seen. They just don't make them like this anymore.

This is Paige's doll Grace. She is snuggling her in her bed as I write this!

Victoria is in Ellie's arms at the moment.
Our little Essie! Not Easy!! Could you not just pinch those big cheeks! I promise I'm not just sitting around playing with dolls. :) It's been a lot of fun seeking out these old dolls in good condition. I know my girls don't mind a bit either!!!


Colorful Kid!

It was Ellie's special week at school! We were able to see her interviewed in front of her class and she also explained all about the pictures on her poster. Her teacher has a special old fashioned desk in the front of the class that the Colorful Kid gets to sit in the entire week. Their week is filled with fun surprises that makes it special just for them! We filled twenty bags with popcorn to share with the class.
Here are a few pics of Ellie at the Seal Beach Christmas Parade with her Daisy Girl Scout troop. It was really cute watching them walk in the parade! Elle thought it was pretty cool!!