Awards *March 2011*

Ellie and Paige were both given a leadership award in their last assembly. We are of course very proud parents. Paige just started the Pre-K program at McGaugh in February. She goes to school now full time with her big sister Ellie. They get to see each other during first recess and Paige thinks it's so cool that Ellie lets her hang out with her and her friends. Go Ellie!!
When they called Paiges name, she marched right up, shook the principals hand and walked onto the stage without blinking an eye. This took both John and I back to the firs award Ellie got in Kindergarten. They called her name and you could see her little shoulders shaking up and down as she was trying not to cry. Tears just streamed down her face as she accepted her award and stood on stage. The emotion of it all was to much to bare for our then, deathly shy Ellie who did not want to be noticed. Boy has she come a long way. And honestly, how could two sisters be so different! What would I do without my girls!
Proud little family! Ellie had already gone to class!
Emma was unbelievable good sitting through two awards assemblies! I loved her expression when I told her to smile in this picture. It was even funnier when I told her to open her eyes big and wide! Oh, if only I had gotten a picture of that. It was hysterical!
I had to do a close-up of her new sparkly pink Toms!!


www.updatesfromdonna.blogspot.com said...

Oh their "Nana" is SO proud of them! Each post they look a little sweeter and getting older too. Miss you... love you!

jamie t. said...

gotta love the Toms!